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 Are You Unemployed looking for Business With Low Capital Startup?

Are You Married or Single in Search of Profitable Business?

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Do You Want To Learn How To Import Quality Goods From Abroad

Want To Start Shipping From Uk, USA & Europe To Your Country

Do You Need A Complete Guide That Will Teach You Importation Business

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Are You Tired Of Buying Expensive Goods From Companies

Looking For How To Purchase Quality Goods From Home & Get Delivered To your Doorsteps 

Do You Need Tested & Trusted Sources Of Importation or Shipping Companies?

Take Time To Read This page Carefully. 

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My name Is Abraham Itunnu, A Microsoft Certified Computer Engineer, a Professional Forex Trader, an Internet Business Consultant,  a Publisher, a Web Master, Internet Marketing Expert, An Affiliate Marketing Professional. The CEO of Frican Global Services. Corporate Affairs Commission Registration No: IBZ026395. A Certified Netprenuer who is into Legitimate Business Online, to the glory of God I’m a genuine good citizen of Nigeria whose passion is to liberate lives not extorting people with undefined route to success. By God’s grace I have trained thousands of people with a quality success. I am not an information marketer who makes money through paper advert. I give what I do that are working for me. 

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Let Me Show You An Unbelievable Secret On The Internet

That Can Change Your Financial Status In This Present Economy.

I Will Show You How To Import Goods From Asia, United State, UK, etc 

Where To Start Importation Business With Just Three Dollars ($3)

and Make 5 times the Amount of Purchase Even Without A Shop.

These are all Brand New Quality Products


This is Totally Different from what you’re Thinking. Totally Different From Junks, Fake Which Hungry Marketers Put Together For You To Consume. I will also REVEAL to you 20 Other Online Quality Market That You Can Buy Cheap Product From With Ease From Abroad and Make COOL Profit

I Will Also Reveal My Secret Website That Beats The Alxxxx Price 5 Times Extraordinary Cheap & Quality Products

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Read This!                                                                                               

        NO Referrers

        No Pyramid Method of Buying

        No Chain of 5 People Coming Together 

        Complete tracking on all deliveries

        Secured Payment with High Tech encryption

        Free Shipping

        Refund on unsatisfactory order

The Process is Simple, You Only Need To Visit The Market, Purchase a Single Product or Purchase in Bulk and Make Your Cool Money Selling The Product FIVE times the price Here in Nigeria Even At The Current Dollar Price.


I  purchased the following key tracker in bulk for $1.70 each and the total cost was  36 X $300 = 18,360. This gave me #36,720 Pure Profit in 7 days.

key tracker


Current Dollar Price is Not A Barrier At All. Think Twice and Take Charge of Your Financial Status

Purchased Goods Gets To Your Door step in 72hrs after payment.


You Can Purchase Quality & Brand New Goods From Just $3 on These Websites

With Guaranteed Delivery in Nigeria


wrist watches for 2$

You don’t really need to be moving from one place to the other before you make sales. They are goods that can be sold even in your vicinity ( Office, House, Church, mosque etc) because their prices has no comparison to the prices of the same goods in Nigeria.

wrist watches for 2$ 1

You can start importing and Supplying Digital Camera, Water proof Quality Phones, Laptops of different kinds, Projectors, Wedding Dresses, Beauty & Health Products etc.


This is not Amazon site

This is not Clickbank site

This is not Paydotcom site

It is not Ebay site

Not Commission Junction

These are market that you can start importing goods with just $3. Yes! read the text three dollars. This market has been hidden too long, am revealing it so that you can share, take advantage of the opportunity the so called big wig are enjoying.

bags less than 15$

Check This Out! With N4,500 you will purchase Unique Brazilian Human Hair worth N25,000

human hairr

brazillian wavy human hair

You only need just N30,000 to become a projector importer. The profit on this alone is enough for you for a month, if you buy just 5 pieces for a start.

Hint: You can distribute this to churches, mosques, groups of people, individual, entertainment industries, organizations etc.

projector   projector1

N10,000 is enough for you to start importing Digital Camera and make cool cash into your account.

Assuming you purchase 5 Cameras for N50,000. 

Then you sell them at N20,000 each which means 

N20,000 X 5 = N100,000. It means you have made N50,000 for just a singular purchase. This can be achieved

in a week which means it is possible for you to make N200,000 in a month with a single import.


With N20,000 you can import quality phones and make outstanding profit on each.


phone imagess

phone images

tablets comput

You can import New Laptop as low as N25,000 with free shipping and sell it for N50,000. I mean brand new laptop.

You may find this difficult to believe because of the level of the information you know online, or your experience with fake products bought from the so called gurus.

I tell you, it will definitely change your financial status as you take action.

     dell laptop         samsung-laptop         dell-laptop            laptop

Why am I revealing all these to you?am doing this to make sure you free yourself from financial limitations in this present economy. I want you to know that you can make more money even in that your present situation starting with just $3.

I see that you are finding it difficult to believe while reading it. This is because you are a typical Nigeria person. A country where almost everybody finds it difficult to believe one another.
Anyway, things like this are for determined heart who have concluded that whatever the situation, they are definitely going to make it with genuine business.

shipping 2

Note: You can purchase any goods on these websites with any Nigerian bank master or visa card because Nigerians are purely accepted.

ladie visa  ladie visa2  ladie visa3


kitchen tools

Check These Latest Products:

children wears2children wears


mens wear

bags ali

 For Cheap Quality Shoes

women's shoes


men's shoes


perfume ali

Please Understand that the Information you have determines your success in life. 

I want you to know that in the face of this dollar rise, you can still make good income with this importation Method.

The watch below made me #95,000 pure profit in the face of #300 per dollar in few weeks:

wristwatches                     wristwatch



I purchased this student’s watch in bulk for $1 each. With just 100 pieces I made  95,000 pure profit.


You Can’t Afford To Miss This Genuine Source of Income

shipping images

In This Package I Will also show you where you can Import Cars from Abroad at a Very Cheaper Price

cars picture


lady 2 I have been looking for a package like this that will reveal to me step by step of how I can be a successful import online since 3yrs until I was lucky to get your awesome website. I summoned courage to purchase the package because all you stated on your site is exactly what I have been craving for and I thank God I really bought your package. Today, I can boast of N200,000 sales per month just from your simplified package. Talaba Jacob  ( a graduate since 2yrs). The Lord bless you for this revelation.

lady1  Going through your website for about six times due to the doubt I had in me because of  my experience in purchasing product online, at the seventh time there was a spirit in me that encourage me to try it out. I thank God I really obeyed that spirit. I truly started with just $3 as you said, the profit was really great and encouraging and now I make at least N50,000 per week. You are a genius. Thanks so much. Blessing Collins  from Calabar

DSCN0424 The truth is that, at first I was highly skeptical about this your package and I was struggling within my heart for like 2days before I finally took a bold step. I want to seriously appreciate God in your life for the kind of person you are, not like those other guys on the internet. I started the importation just for 2weeks and I have more than enough customers to sell to. You made me to understand the power behind information. I never believed it could be so easy. Shipping and getting the product at my door step. You’re a diligent researcher. Thanks for opening my eyes to this great opportunity and I thank God for not allowing me to resist it.  Iya Salam Ibadan

guys1 I almost followed my friends dictates but I later had a re-think and followed my instinct. For this singular step I took, I now import goods while still in school and sell to my mates and colleagues, lecturers, church members etc.  I have no reason to complain about economy situation. Thank you so much. Christy Tonto from Lagos.

blessing Your genuity, support and prompt attention is what I appreciate most in your business. I wish I have seen your website before now. I bless the day I came in contact with this your website. You have actually turned my families life around. Thank you sir. Toyosi Idris.

afeez pic Mr Itunnu, May The Lord bless you and your family for this eye opener you gave to me. Since the day I purchased this package and implemented it as an undergraduate, honestly it has changed my financial life. I can now pay so many bills in school to assist my parents. I now purchase so many things and sell them cheap here in Nigeria. I tested the business with the $3 you said and I was very amazed to get the product just as you have stated and presently I have moved from selling to students to selling to companies. Thank you sir. Christiana Godwin Lagos


deola pic Hello Sir, Just want to inform that i have invested my first income from the CPA into this importation business and to my surprise I had the goods deliver to me last week. I had already sold three of the products with 100% profit. Thank you once again Deola (Graduate)



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sandals 2               leather bag      suit case       wristwatches

     Each of  The Above items ranges from $10 to $25 And They Are All Brand New

 You Will Get Cheap & Quality Wedding Gown From These Websites

wedding gown2            wedding gown3            wedding gown

In This eBook:

* In This package you will learn how to source products without traveling to Abroad

* You will discover how to start Importation Business with just $3

* How to carry out effective market research to determine the best price of a product

* How to determine Hot Selling Product To Import

* How To Get Free Items From Abroad

* This Will Enable You To Start The Business in as little as 48 hours

* You Will Discover My Importation Secret Website & How To Get Products and The Best Price Ever.

* You Will Discover How You Can Ship in Bulk With A Very Low Cost To Nigeria

* In This Package You Will Discover Where To Buy Cheap And Quality Products Directly From Manufacturers.

* This Package Will Reveal To You Negotiation Power With The Manufactures.

* How To Brand Your Imported Product With Your Company or Your Personal Name.

* In This Package You Will Discover, How To Make Payments With Your Nigerian ATM Cards Directly.

*You Will Also Learn How to track shipments and confirm deliveries.

* The Package Will Reveal To You How and Where To Spot Hot In Demand Products

* How To Sell Your Imported Stuffs Very Fast in schools, religious organizations, politicians

* Selling Your Stuffs on Konga, Kaymu, Facebook & Jumia with cash on delivery

ladie shipping          ladie shipping2

All you need about To Succeed In Importation Business are in this Package. I mean the Nitty Gritty of Importation Business. You don’t need any seminar. This eBook will show you all you need about the IMPORTATION BUSINESS.


Bonuses Enough For You To Make Daily Cash Inclusive

* How To Make Money From Facebook Without Paying A Dime

binderlayingopen_550x634 (2)

* Bloggers Guide To Profit


A trial is just what you need and your financial life will take a better turn around.



If you are interested in this life Changing Package

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Cost N5000 Only

privaccy confirmed

Pay To:

Guaranty Trust Bank Plc

Account Name: Frican Global Services

Account Number: 0030718549



Pay To:

UBA (United Bank For Africa Plc)

Name: Abraham Itunnu

Account No: 2055267362



Pay To:


Name: Abraham Itunnu

Account No: 3070664101


You Can Also Make Payment Through Bank Transfer or ATM Machine Anywhere and Notify Us For The Package


Are U interested in 1 on 1 Practical Training on Importation Business Click Here

After payment Send your payment details to  08023901675 / 08136972750 and your business package and the instruction will be sent to you via your email address in 24hrs after bank confirmation.

Our Office Address is No 1 Desalu Street Araromi Bus Stop, Odo Ona, Ibadan.

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